Carla Fortunato-Olivier

Carla Fortunato-Olivier | Office Manager & Client Liaison

Carla is passionate about enacting a favourable impact on business and the community. As a dynamic manager and coach, this year she joins the Bastion Group, a best-in-class stakeholder communications company, to merge with an energetic team that takes part in realising the hopes and promise of the people whose lives Bastion Group touches.

Her interests in leadership and development coupled with her management experience, that spans over various industries both locally and internationally, facilitates a dynamic approach to opening Bastion’s new branch in Cape Town.

Carla has a successful track record of aiding personal growth and enjoys the challenge of different client projects that enhance corporate journeys and cultures that blend into an achieved performance. This makes it possible for Bastion to deliver a meaningful and concise integrated report across various platforms.

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