Hartmann Beukes CA(SA)

Hartmann Beukes | Head of Department: Finance

Hartmann is passionate about utilising his Chartered Accountant designation to capacitate his accumulation of knowledge and experience in a wide variety of fields. In conjunction with his love for the creative arts, he is passionate about ensuring Bastion achieves its goal of being recognised locally and globally as the best-in-class stakeholder reporting company.

His interests lie heavily in the synergies between financial management, critical business processes and digital platforms to improve business performance, transparency and reliable “built-for-purpose” strategic financial information. Every effort is made to ensure that accurate business data is generated and utilised in continuous cycles of improvement throughout all pillars of the Bastion structure.

Hartmann assisted with the merger transaction between Overend Outsource and Bastion, whereafter he officially joined the Bastion team in 2017 and continues to work alongside his Finance Department team, act as Company Secretary, assist in any operational and HR-related issues and provide his insights at a strategic level.

With his attention to detail, willingness to expand his scope of experience, knowledge of the financial world and love for the creative arts, Hartmann has proven that he believes in Bastion’s ability to generate products and services of unrivalled quality and value while applying his exceptional repertoire of client-based experience.


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