Melany Page


Melany Page | Director

Melany is passionate about corporate storytelling. She joined Bastion in 2004 where she has honed her skills in corporate communications and integrated reporting.

Her interests in digital transformation coupled by her outstanding customer service have put her in the frontline at Bastion. She has redesigned our customer experience with every interaction and takes clients on a journey, she facilitates the ever-growing need to move with the times and provide a smooth transition as digital out sprints traditional print solutions.

Melany was appointed as Managing Director at Bastion in 2022, continues to work very closely with our clients, and has taken on a mentorship role in the business.

With her hunger for continuous learning she has the ability to adopt a very agile mindset and lead the team by example. Melany believes in building brand reputation, your personal brand as an individual, within the company and the brands of all clients in the Bastion portfolio.

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