Best Reporting Practice – ASPEN Online Integrated Report

Aspen investor relations

Best Reporting Practice – ASPEN Online Integrated Report

COMPANY: Aspen Holdings
COUNTRY: South Africa
CHAIRMAN: Kuseni Dlamini
AUDITOR: Ernst & Young
FORMAT: Online digital report + PDF
EMPLOYEES: About 9,000

: We are a global specialty and branded pharmaceutical company, committed to promoting access to medicines and improving the health of patients across the world through our high quality, affordable products. Active at every stage of the value chain, we are uniquely diversified by geography, product and manufacturing capability.
We supply medicines to more than 115 countries through 69 established offices in some 50 countries and territories. (AR 2022)

CHIEF EXECUTIVE’S REVIEW: The Aspen business model was tested by a challenging macro environment, including both supply and inflationary headwinds. The results produced are testimony to the strength and resilience of the business as it is now structured. Organic growth has been sustained, margins improved and an impressive growth in earnings achieved, all supported by a strong balance sheet. That said, the highlight of the year that made us most proud was the manufacture of vaccines to support Africa’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The successes realised in the past year clearly display our capability to make a meaningful contribution to access to medicines globally through our relevant product portfolio and broad geographic presence. (Excerpts)

Aspen investor relations

➕ Various downloading options available via the IR screen, from the complete AR to Global Presence, Segment Overview, etc.
➕ Create your own report option.
➕ Good insights into the external operating context.
➕ Though complex, the company value creation process, business strategy and its business model are made intelligible.
➕ CFO’s review backed by well-chosen tables and charts.
➕ Clear summary of risks and opportunities, explaining the risk context but also the opportunity for value creation.
➕ High level of transparency in the Remuneration review.
➕ Informative Sustainability and ESG Data Supplement (about 60 pages) supported with a load of figures.
➕ GRI index.
➕ Useful lists of Abbreviations and Definitions and formulas.

Best Reporting Practice – ASPEN Online Integrated Report

✔️➖ Undisclosed. Nothing is perfect, something is always wrong.

Better practice implies incremental improvement and/or higher standards in reporting practices and contents.
A best practice is the most efficient and effective course of action in reporting, up to highest standards.

COMPANY & REPORTING FOCUS (Search for best in class!)
Forget your usual and/or famous report(ing) benchmarks, at least for a while. The Best Reporting Practice files focus on reports from industry/country leaders as well as emerging and growing firms, outsiders, challengers across the board. The notes and comments are prepared by a multilocal team supervised by Mike Guillaume. They are focused on best, better or plus points spotted in published documents and websites.

ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT? (Nothing is perfect)
➕ ✔️➖For more information about plus, average, minus points, and/or a detailed review, please contact
e-com reviews, compares, rates, benchmarks reports and reporting practices; and provides related advisory services. It was co-founded by Mike Guillaume and Veronique Escarmelle. It is independent and not affiliated with any bank, government, accounting, auditing or rating institution or professional organization.

Source: Mike Guillaume – International economist – Founder of e-com Inc. – Reporting advisor



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