Integrated reporting

Advisory and materiality assessments

Solidify your strategic decisions

Are you looking to create a clear link between your various material matters and their implications for value creation? Our advisory team conducts materiality workshops and facilitates discussions that help uncover your most material value levers.

Integrated reporting

Content creation

Storytelling matters, now more than ever

Do you want to improve the way you tell your value creation story? Our writers specialise in corporate storytelling and create communications that help your company gain trust, inspire action and connect with your stakeholders – it’s about engaging in concise way to make sure your message is heard and understood by those who matter to your business most.

Design architects

The art of stakeholder and investor relations

We illustrate your purpose, ensure your brand expression is honoured, and create a presence for your material content through visuals, infographics and captivating designs.


#teamBastion, together with our writers, look at content-heavy and relevant sections in your reports and provide suggestions for infographics to enhance the reports’ narrative and readability.

Financial typesetting

We produce documents that are aesthetically pleasing, accurate and well-structured

It’s one thing getting the content together, but putting a myriad of words on a page under time constraints can be complex.

Precision, integrity, experience and access to the latest technology are fundamental when it comes to typesetting. The pressures are great but it’s an absolute integral function to producing stakeholder communications.

We work on high-profile, price-sensitive documents under extreme time constraints and often involve tight deadlines. We dedicate long hours to meet your expectations from start to finish for every project.

  • Implement design concepts to be rolled out across multiple documents
  • Follow brand guidelines and use style guides to create a consistent identity, look and feel
  • Set up styles and templates that are thorough, clean and technically sound
  • Produce documents that are accurate and well-structured
  • Construct accurate graphs from raw data plotting points
  • Combine imagery, colours, fonts and graphics in a way that improves visual communication
  • Use technology to automate processes to save time and maximise value

Immersive digital design

We convert your report in to an interactive digital design

Do you want to enhance your stakeholders’ experience? In a digital economy, the focus is to deliver immersive interactive digital experiences. We build digital reports that enable the end-user to interact with the content. We design these reports and include dynamic maps and graphing, videos, animation, mark-and-share options, and custom report builders.

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