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Performing up against and partnering with heavy weights

Not only are we seeing an increase in digital business strategies, but back-office operations are being digitised around the world

In 2017 we formally partnered with Workiva, having worked with them since 2013.

Working in the cloud, recognised as the world’s leading platform for connected reporting, compliance and audit-ready ESG reporting just made sense. This foresight is starting to pay off by providing an opportunity for a more strategic and creative approach to managing your narrative, and creating accurate reports in less time.

In 2019 we came head to head with the global consulting heavy weights where #TeamBastion were named the Workiva EMEA partner of the year. Of this accolade we are very proud, but more so of our ability to shift our mindset adopting a completely digital strategy and embracing a new way of doing things.

It’s time to automate tedious, repetitive tasks of data gathering, updating, and formatting. Let’s collaborate on Wdesk together.

Our partnerships - Workiva Trophy
Our partnerships - Workiva
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