Engage more with your stakeholders

Engage more with your stakeholders

Engage more with your stakeholders

The advantages of hybrid investor events

As the world continues to emerge from the virtual environment, investor relations teams face fresh challenges in their efforts to engage with analysts and investors. With an astute analyst, investor, and shareholder community, it is more important than ever to ensure your investor day delivers a clear message and seamless stress-free production.

Bastion recognises the importance of high-quality stakeholder and investor communications and has implemented various solutions to help listed companies overcome these challenges.

Here we take a closer look at the benefits of hybrid event solutions and how they can help you maximise the effectiveness of your investor day. First up is developing compelling messaging, a suitable setting and ease of access to your event. One of the biggest challenges of an investor day is keeping your audience engaged and informed throughout the day. With a hybrid solution, you have the ability to create compelling, purpose-driven narrative that will capture the attention of both in-person and virtual attendees. This means that whether your investors are attending in-person or remotely, they will still receive the same high-quality content and expected experience.

Maximising the effectiveness of a hybrid format
A hybrid event allows you to host both in-person and virtual presenters/attendees at the same time, making it easier to connect with thought leaders and reach a larger audience. This means that you can provide a more immersive experience for your investors, giving them the opportunity to engage with your company in real-time, regardless of their location.

Leveraging your planning and stakeholder communications strategy to raise your event’s profile
In addition to raising your event’s profile, a hybrid event also offers the benefit of being recorded and archived for on-demand access on your website, which can significantly enhance your reach and usability. By recording the event, you can provide access to those who could not attend the live event. Furthermore, the recorded content can be repurposed for marketing and promotional purposes, such as creating highlight reels or sharing keynote speeches on social media platforms.

This type of accessibility and flexibility can also increase the event’s overall value and relevance to attendees. They can review and rewatch specific sessions, speakers, or content as needed, allowing them to deepen their understanding of the event’s topics. Moreover, this on-demand feature can make it easier to share your content with other stakeholders who may be interested.

Ensuring the wider investor community hear and understand your key messages
One of the main benefits of a hybrid event is that it allows you to reach a wider investor community. By providing virtual access to your event, you can ensure that investors who may not have been able to attend in-person are still able to hear and understand your key messages. There are assorted options of setting up your hybrid event from the traditional national roadshows with a technical team onsite, to creating a virtual world. By considering your options at your event planning phase, you can increase reach, value, and impact.

The recorded content can extend the event’s lifespan beyond the actual event date, which can also help to maximise your return on investment and justify the costs associated with organising an event of this nature.

Measuring the success of your investor day
Measuring the success of your investor day is critical to understanding the impact it has had on your company’s reputation in the capital markets. You have access to analytics and feedback that can help you understand how your investors are engaging with your content and messaging.

Hybrid events offer a powerful solution to the challenges faced by investor relations teams in today’s fast-paced business environment. By leveraging the benefits, you can ensure that your investor day delivers a clear message and seamless production.

Another effective way to ensure the success of your investor day is by producing pre- and post-event content to extend the reach and impact of the event. This can include creating promotional content to attract participation leading up to the event, as well as follow-up content to reinforce key messages and provide additional context and insights (potentially from Q&A session) for those who attended.

Hybrid Investor Day benefits summary

  • Hybrid events allow for in-person and virtual attendees, providing a larger audience and more immersive experience based on stakeholder preferences.
  • Recorded and archived content can be repurposed for marketing and promotional purposes.
  • Accessibility and flexibility can increase the event’s overall value and relevance to attendees.
  • Virtual access ensures a wider investor community can hear and understand key messages.
  • Measuring the success of the event is critical to understanding its impact on the company’s reputation in capital markets.
  • Pre- and post-event content can extend the reach and impact of the event.

At Bastion, we can assist you in developing and executing a comprehensive content strategy that complements your investor day and maximises its effectiveness.

We understand that as a listed company, you need to consider stakeholder engagement as an ongoing process that involves regular communication and engagement. Bastion is here to support you. If you are planning an investor day and want to ensure its success, consider one of our solutions to reach your targeted audience.

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