Evanda Visser

Evanda Visser | Team Leader: Language Services

Evanda, head of language services, is a seasoned proofreader and editor who can help you avoid embarrassing errors in your most important documents. Whether you are penning an important email or an award-winning integrated report, it is vital to ensure your copy is free of errors.

Evanda has 29 years of experience as a proofreader and editor and holds a BA from UWC and an advanced diploma in labour law from UJ.
She has impeccable proofreading and editing skills, demonstrates proficiency in proofreading, a sharp eye for detail and the ability to work well under pressure.

Evanda has a strong desire and ability to achieve accuracy of fact and language use down to the most delicate details. Her quality of work is unmatched. She puts her knowledge of the English language to good use by running copy editing workshops. She constantly works to improve the team’s overall performance and embraces a collaborative approach.

Evanda proofreads, edits and QCs documents, checking content for accuracy, completeness and consistency. She also promptly manages the department’s workflow and oversees the creation and maintenance of style guides for clients.

Evanda prides herself on the fact that she develops good working relationships throughout the organisation. She works closely with other team members to resolve content, referencing or scheduling issues. Evanda is a self-starter who can adapt to change quickly and multitask. She is able to be highly accurate under extremely tight deadlines.

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